Formed in 2013, Hong Kong, Deer is an alternative electro-rock band with nuances of down tempo, industrial, rock, and classical music. The duo has been part of various festivals on the Asian Region, such as, Clockenflap (HK), Sónar Hong Kong, V-Rox (RU), Soundrenaline (ID), to mention some. Their performance is surrounded by a mysterious dark wave, which moves your ears to deeper emotional stages. Voice and music, at times aggressive, and others melancholic, provide a captivating experience. In 2019 they released their first album “There’s No Future”, which has been well received by the European, Asian and Mexican media, obtaining a high score by South China Morning Post and Rolling Stone Mexico.

Mark Reeder

Mark Reeder is a musician and record producer from Manchester living in Berlin since 1978.

From an early age, it was evident he had a passion for music and art. He bought his first 7” single Telstar by the Tornados at the age of 4 and his first album Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland at the age of 11.

During the 70s, Britain was gripped in a recession and mass unemployment ensued. The prospects for a school-leaver looked very bleak. For a brief moment, he considered a life in the Royal Air Force, but after acquiring a part-time job in his favourite record shop, he realised this was not to be his vocation.

He initially envisaged a career in advertising-design and after studying graphic art he briefly worked in an Ad-agency, before quitting this profession to work full-time in the small Virgin Records store in Manchester, where he had jobbed since being a student. It was here that Reeder developed his passion for music from different countries and cultures, and in particular Krautrock.

Before moving to Germany in the late 70s, he briefly played in a progressive rock formation called Joe Stalin’s Red Star Radio Band, but at the dawn of the punk era he left, to co-found a new wave punk band The Frantic Elevators together with Neil Moss and Mick Hucknall (Simply Red).

Through his unique position at Virgin Records, he was integral for the fledgling punk scene in Manchester and was involved in presenting new bands such as The Buzzcocks, V2, Joy Division, The Drones, Slaughter and the Dogs to a new and young clientele, because Virgin was the only place in the city where such degenerate music could be bought.

In his quest to obtain obscure Krautrock records, he travelled to Berlin in 1978 to buy some records and never left. Almost immediately upon his arrival in Berlin, he was designated the German representative for his friend’s band Joy Division and a while later, he became the man in Berlin, for their legendary Manchester record label Factory Records.

In Silo

Centred around the theme of memories, and how they diminish over time, ‘Souvenir’ is the bold conceptual debut from British newcomer In Silo. After years of recording and performing in other bands, songwriter Chris Gillett finally took the step to fulfil a childhood ambition of recording and releasing his own solo material.

After studying at a music college, surrounding himself with like-minded musicians, Chris felt a jarring loneliness when he returned to his hometown, inspiring the songs which eventually became Souvenir. He wanted to try and hold on to the memories of people he made, weaving their quirks and intricacies into heartfelt songs, knowing they would otherwise fade. As the songs took shape, he realised that even the images he was now trying to preserve in his head had become distorted versions of reality like all memories.

Dresden Wolves 
Dresden Wolves is a deathly mexican post-punk duo from Mexico city, the duo consists of Emmanuel Rapeta Garcia ( Drumms-vocals) and Oscar Manuel López Herrera (Bass).

Since the beginning we were focus on one type of music; that was make music with a lot of distortion but also make riffs that make you move like crazy. Despite we are just two, we sound like we are 3 or 4 guys playing like a Lion roaring at your face.